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Car Batteries for Sale 62Ah 075

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GLOBAL 075 62AH Car Batteries for Sale

Product Code: GLOBAL075

GLOBAL 075 62Ah 540A Starter Battery


Voltage [V]:    12
Battery Capacity [Ah]:    62
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), EN [A]:    540
Length [mm]:    245.0
Width [mm]:    175.0
Height [mm]:    175.0
Base Hold-down:   B3
Terminal:    0

This starter battery is made using highly purified lead and special calcium alloy to prevent life ewduction when used in a high temperature environment. This also guarantees strong and consistent engine starting under extreme conditions.

Special tissue materials and special alloy (HTC) are also used to minimise self discharge. Furthermore, the dual cover of the battery ensures perfect maintenance free and eliminates electrolyte leakage.

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