• Car Battery 72Ah 096


Car Battery for Sale 72Ah 096

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GLOBAL 096 72AH Car Battery for Sale

Product Code: GLOBAL096
GLOBAL 096 72Ah 640A Starter Battery


Voltage [V]:    12
Battery Capacity [Ah]:    72
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), EN [A]:    640
Length [mm]:    303.0
Width [mm]:    173.0
Height [mm]:    225.0
Base Hold-down:   B3
Terminal:    0

This is a widely used battery for diesel car engine in the European market.

The use of special calcium alloy and highly purified lead in manufacturing the automotive battery prevents life reduction in a high temperature mechanical environment. This also guarantees strong and consistent engine starting under extreme conditions.

To minimise self dischagre and ensure perfrect maintenance free of the battery, a dual cover is used. This technology also eliminates electrolyte leakage.

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